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Property Auction HouseAreaAuction Date
Osborne KingIreland N24/06/2016
Richard Turner and SonEngland N27/06/2016
Agents Property AuctionEngland NE27/06/2016
J W WoodEngland NE27/06/2016
Kimmett & RobertsEngland NE27/06/2016
Rook Matthews SayerEngland NE27/06/2016
Auction House Hertfordshire and West EssexEngland S27/06/2016
Brown and Co (Residential)England E28/06/2016
Bagshaws ResidentialEngland M28/06/2016
Pattinson (Midlands)England M28/06/2016
Pattinson (Yorkshire)England N28/06/2016
Pattinson (North East)England NE28/06/2016
Pattinson (Lancashire)England NW28/06/2016
NesbitsEngland S28/06/2016
BRG Gibson Auctions (Belfast) LtdIreland N28/06/2016
HuntersEngland N29/06/2016
Auction House Cheshire and North East WalesEngland NW29/06/2016
Fox & SonsEngland S29/06/2016
MS Auctions (London)England S29/06/2016
Woods HomesEngland SW29/06/2016
K Stuart SwashEngland M30/06/2016
Andrew GrantEngland SW30/06/2016
Luscombe MayeEngland SW30/06/2016
StagsEngland SW30/06/2016
Sunderlands and ThompsonsEngland W30/06/2016
Allsop (Irish Auction)Ireland S30/06/2016
Wilsons Auctions (Dalry)Scotland30/06/2016
Lambert Smith HamptonEngland01/07/2016
Symonds and Sampson (Sherborne)England S01/07/2016
Seel and CoWales05/07/2016
iam-sold (The Great North Property Auction)England N06/07/2016
John Pye AuctionsEngland N06/07/2016
Smith and SonsEngland NE06/07/2016
Hair and Son LtdEngland S06/07/2016
Allsop (Commercial)England SE06/07/2016
McHugh and CoEngland SE06/07/2016
Auction House ScotlandScotland06/07/2016
Ross Harper Property Auctions ltdScotland06/07/2016
CP BigwoodEngland M07/07/2016
Savills (Nottingham)England M07/07/2016
iam-sold (The South Yorkshire Property Auction )England N07/07/2016
AcuitusEngland SE07/07/2016
Harman HealyEngland SE07/07/2016
John AmosEngland W07/07/2016
iam-sold (The Connacht Property Auction)Ireland07/07/2016
StrettonsEngland SE11/07/2016
John Earle and SonEngland M12/07/2016
Auction House ManchesterEngland N12/07/2016
Mark Jenkinson and SonEngland N12/07/2016
Wm. Sykes and SonEngland N12/07/2016
Roger HannahEngland NW12/07/2016
iam-sold (The East Midlands Property Auction)England E13/07/2016
JH WalterEngland E13/07/2016
Countrywide Property Auctions (Sheffield)England M13/07/2016
Auction House West YorkshireEngland N13/07/2016
Graham Penny Auctions (Nottingham)England N13/07/2016
Manning StaintonEngland N13/07/2016
Auction House BerkshireEngland S13/07/2016
Dedman GrayEngland S13/07/2016
PearsonsEngland S13/07/2016
Barnett RossEngland SE13/07/2016
RomansEngland SW13/07/2016
Auction House South West Wales FBMWales SW13/07/2016
TW GazeEngland E14/07/2016
Auction House (Gloucestershire)England M14/07/2016
CottonsEngland M14/07/2016
LoveittsEngland M14/07/2016
Auction House LancashireEngland N14/07/2016
BoultonsEngland N14/07/2016
Sutton KershEngland NE14/07/2016
Morgan BeddoeEngland SW14/07/2016
Country PropertyEngland W14/07/2016
iam-sold (The Munster Property Auction)Ireland14/07/2016
John Francis (Carmarthen)Wales14/07/2016
Greenslade Taylor Hunt (Ilminster)England SW15/07/2016
Butters John BeeEngland M18/07/2016
Eddisons (Manchester)England N19/07/2016
Pugh and Co. Ltd (Manchester)England N19/07/2016
SharpesEngland N19/07/2016
Auction House North EastEngland NE19/07/2016
Allsop (Residential)England S19/07/2016
DurrantsEngland E20/07/2016
GoldingsEngland E20/07/2016
CopelandsEngland M20/07/2016
Auction House BlundellsEngland N20/07/2016
Auction House South YorkshireEngland N20/07/2016
Edward Mellor AuctionsEngland N20/07/2016
Auction House Mansbridge & BalmentEngland S20/07/2016
Phillip Arnold AuctionsEngland SE20/07/2016
Auction House Devon and CornwallEngland SW20/07/2016
Hollis & MorganEngland SW20/07/2016
iam-sold (The West Midlands Property Auction)England W20/07/2016
Auction House East AngliaEngland E21/07/2016
Graham Penny Auctions (Derby)England M21/07/2016
Auction House CumbriaEngland N21/07/2016
Eddisons (Leeds)England N21/07/2016
Gascoigne HalmanEngland N21/07/2016
iam-sold (The West Yorkshire Property Auction)England N21/07/2016
Pugh and Co. Ltd (Leeds)England N21/07/2016
Andrews & RobertsonEngland SE21/07/2016
Countrywide Property Auctions (London)England SE21/07/2016
Miller and SonEngland SW21/07/2016
Venmore Thomas and JonesEngland W21/07/2016
HallsEngland M22/07/2016
Metcalf'sEngland NW22/07/2016
Phillips Smith and DunnEngland SW22/07/2016
Savills (London and National)England SE25/07/2016
Barnard MarcusEngland26/07/2016
AthawesEngland SE26/07/2016
Clive Emson (Kent & SE London)England SE26/07/2016
Maggs and AllenEngland SW26/07/2016
HEBEngland M27/07/2016
Regional Property AuctioneersEngland N27/07/2016
Clive Emson (Sussex & Surrey)England SE27/07/2016
Nock DeightonEngland W27/07/2016
Feather Smailes and ScalesEngland N28/07/2016
Miller MetcalfEngland N28/07/2016
Wilsons Auctions (Mallusk)Ireland N28/07/2016
Paul FoshWales28/07/2016
Clive Emson (Hampshire & IOW)England S29/07/2016
All Wales Auction (Cardiff)Wales S02/08/2016
Cumbrian Properties AuctionsEngland N03/08/2016
William H Brown Property Auctions - LeedsEngland NE03/08/2016
Future Property AuctionsScotland03/08/2016
Auction House Birmingham and The Black CountryEngland M04/08/2016
Edwards MooreEngland M04/08/2016
Meller BragginsEngland NW04/08/2016
StrakersEngland SW04/08/2016
All Wales Auction (Anglesey)Wales N04/08/2016
iam-sold (The North West Property Auction)England NW09/08/2016
Auction House Beds and Bucks (Robinson and Hall)England M11/08/2016
Graham Penny Auctions (Leicester)England M11/08/2016
Auction House Hull & East Yorkshire (Dee Atkinson & Harrison)England E17/08/2016
iam-sold (The East Yorkshire Property Auction)England E23/08/2016
LeonardsEngland E23/08/2016
iam-sold (The North Lincolnshire Property Auction)England E25/08/2016
Drewery and WheeldonEngland E07/09/2016
Clee Thompkinson FrancisWales07/09/2016
BramleysEngland N08/09/2016
Andrew KellyEngland N14/09/2016
McCartneysEngland W17/09/2016
Shonki BrothersEngland M21/09/2016
Besley HillEngland SW22/09/2016
Countrywide Property Auctions (Exeter)England SW22/09/2016
CheffinsEngland E28/09/2016
Fidler Taylor and CoEngland M06/10/2016
Symonds and Sampson (Axminster)England S13/10/2016
Hollier BrowneEngland M31/12/2199
John GermanEngland M31/12/2199 N31/12/2199
CodysEngland N31/12/2199
Pennine WaysEngland N31/12/2199
Penrith Farmers' and Kidd'sEngland N31/12/2199
SHPEngland N31/12/2199
Auction House Thames ValleyEngland S31/12/2199
Clifford DannEngland S31/12/2199
Stephen and CoEngland SW31/12/2199
Baker Wynne and WilsonEngland N31/12/2199
Elder and TwellsEngland M31/12/2199
WillmottsEngland SE31/12/2199
Gwilym Richards and CoEngland NE31/12/2199
R G and R B WilliamsWales31/12/2199
Jones Lang LasalleEngland SE31/12/2199
George F WhiteEngland N31/12/2199
Fisher WrathwallEngland NW31/12/2199
Auction House Newton FallowellEngland E31/12/2199
Brearley GreensEngland N31/12/2199
Marshs AuctioneersIreland S31/12/2199
Auction House Coventry and WarwickshireEngland M31/12/2199
Mon PropertiesWales N31/12/2199
Arnolds KeysEngland E31/12/2199
Salter McGuinnessEngland SE31/12/2199
Drivers NorrisEngland SE31/12/2199
Martin and PoleEngland SW31/12/2199
KivellsEngland SW31/12/2199
Pugh and Co. Ltd (Newcastle)England NW31/12/2199
Pugh and Co. Ltd (Liverpool)England NW31/12/2199
Clarke Gammon WellersEngland SE31/12/2199
Fox GrantEngland S31/12/2199
Countrywide Property Auctions (Manchester)England N31/12/2199
Herbert R ThomasWales31/12/2199
iam-sold (The Leinster Property Auction)Ireland31/12/2199
Auction House SurreyEngland S31/12/2199
Bradleys in Association with South West WaterEngland SW31/12/2199
Graham WatkinsEngland N31/12/2199
Tayler and FletcherEngland W31/12/2199
Wilsons Auctions (Dublin)Ireland S31/12/2199
BRG Gibson Auctions (Dublin) LtdIreland S31/12/2199
Bill JacksonEngland W31/12/2199
Scargill Mann and CoEngland N31/12/2199
G Herbert BanksEngland W31/12/2199
iam-sold (The Midlands Property Auction)England M31/12/2199
Thompson WilsonEngland S31/12/2199
Auction Property ScotlandScotland31/12/2199
Greenslade Taylor Hunt (Taunton)England SW31/12/2199
Boot and SonEngland M31/12/2199
ScreetonsEngland N31/12/2199
Pygott and CroneEngland E31/12/2199
Jones PeckoverWales31/12/2199
AldredsEngland E31/12/2199
Bowen Son and WatsonEngland NW31/12/2199
Lambert and FosterEngland S31/12/2199
ShobrookEngland SW31/12/2199
Wilsons Auctions (Portadown)Ireland N31/12/2199
Harry Ray & CompanyWales31/12/2199
Michael CL HodgsonEngland NW31/12/2199
Howkins and HarrisonEngland M31/12/2199
Auction House Richard GreenerEngland M31/12/2199
Hinson ParryEngland M31/12/2199
Robin JessopEngland N31/12/2199
HumbertsEngland S31/12/2199
Parsons Son and BasleyEngland S31/12/2199
Auction House EssexEngland SE31/12/2199
Andrew CraigEngland NE31/12/2199
Lodge and ThomasEngland SW31/12/2199
Stephen and CoEngland S31/12/2199
Clarke and SimpsonEngland E31/12/2199
Tom Spillane and Co LtdIreland S31/12/2199
Moore Allen and InnocentEngland W31/12/2199
Whittaker and BiggsEngland N31/12/2199
BrightwellsEngland W31/12/2199
Fisher German (Chester)England M31/12/2199
Penny Cuick (Birmingham)England M31/12/2199
Hobbs ParkerEngland SE31/12/2199
Harrison CowardEngland N31/12/2199
Main and MainEngland N31/12/2199
Bury and HiltonEngland M31/12/2199
HawkesfordEngland M31/12/2199
SeldonsEngland SW31/12/2199
John GoodwinEngland W31/12/2199
Clough & CoNorth Wales31/12/2199
W.A. BarnesEngland M31/12/2199
Austin GrayEngland S31/12/2199
Michael PooleEngland NE31/12/2199
BrightsEngland SW31/12/2199
Derek SpiresEngland M31/12/2199
Auction House Stephenson & SonEngland N31/12/2199
Fisher German (Bromsgrove)England M31/12/2199
Wright Marshall PropertyEngland N31/12/2199
WebbersEngland W31/12/2199
Walker SingletonEngland N31/12/2199
Greenslade Taylor Hunt (Lympsham)England SW31/12/2199
iam-sold (The Northern Ireland Property Auction)Ireland31/12/2199
Auction House East Kent Miles & BarrEngland SE31/12/2199
Andrew MorrisEngland W31/12/2199
Keane Mahony SmithIreland S31/12/2199
Palmer AuctioneersIreland S31/12/2199

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