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Buying and Selling

Programme date and time: Thursday May 26th 06:00 PM 2022 to 07:00 PM

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Series synopsis: Identical twin brothers Drew and Jonathon Scott put their property experience and talent to work while taking on the challenge of home movers who wish to trade-up. The brothers fire-up their computer in order to nail down a stunning design brief that fits the homeowner's budget. With the 3D software design sorted Jonathon straps on his contractor's tool belt and gets stuck into the renovation while Drew puts on his realtor hat and hunts down the perfect move-in ready property. With the reno finished and revealed it's time for Drew to sell the property for top dollar so the homeowners can sell up and move on their newly found dream home.

Episode description: Frank and Diana: US property series. This time, the brothers step in to give Frank, Diane and their family a new start by transforming their tired old property into a luxury home. S4 Ep1