Choosing stunning mosaic tiles for your property.

Do you need to choose mozaic tiles for the different rooms in your property? Maybe you need a back-splash in your utility room or a tiled floor in the en-suite or you just want a feature wall in the down stairs cloakroom?

We recently had to choose some new mosaic tiles to be installed above a vanity unit to act as a backsplash. We chose mosaics as they would appear as a contrast to the large format tiles we were placing on the floor and the walls.

We were looking for something that would add some sparkle and pizzazz to the room and that would be seen as an eye catching feature as we had chosen a fairly muted colour pallet for the rest of the décor. The walls and ceilings were painted white with a lightly veined grey and white tile being laid on the floor and inside the shower cabin on the walls.

After scouring online we found some mosaics that were headed up as being silver and grey in colour with a shimmering look to them. Now it’s normally advisable to send for a sample before you commit to buying any quantity of tile but in this case as we only needed a small amount and with a  silver and grey pallet we thought we would be fairly safe.

Mozaic tiles described as silver and grey but arrived more green and beige
Mozaic tiles described as silver and grey but arrived more green and beige

Unfortunately after the delivery driver had left and we removed the tiles off the small pallet which they had been delivered on, we opened up the box only to discover that the actual look of the tile was quite a long way from the description that was given for the mosaics on the retailers website.

The tiles we had received had a definite green and beige look to them with a slightly washed out pastel feel to the colours and although some of the tiles had a slightly glittering texture on the surface, they weren’t really the feature tile that we were banking our hopes on.

A quick email to the supplier was answered 24 hours later agreeing that we could return the tiles but we would have to bear the delivery charge. So we boxed up the tiles and organised the return and then set about finding some new tiles.

Luckily we found a specialist online retailer that majored on mosaic tiles and they had some stunning looking mosaics which were made up of different size tiles, some foil backed glass and some with a brushed metal look finish. The online site had some really clear images and we knew we couldn’t go wrong with these ones also they were half the price, result! 

Shiney and sparkly mozaic tiles
Shiney and sparkly mozaic tiles

So an online order was placed and amazingly the tiles were delivered next day which was a Saturday and the bonus being that the delivery charge was free. The tiles came well packaged and each individual tile sheet protected with a sticky protective covering on each tile and a plastic layer between each sheet. The look was equally as stunning in the flesh as it was on the website so it just goes to show if you hunt around you will find what you want.

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