Designing an effective kitchen layout

It’s exciting to browse glossy new kitchens and shiny state-of-the-art kitchen appliances but there is more to a good kitchen design than the aesthetics. A great kitchen design considers the practicalities of a working kitchen and how best to streamline daily tasks. If you’re unsure of where to start with your kitchen layout, you may want to consider the “golden triangle” of work areas, work zones to accommodate multiple cooks, the practicalities of a kitchen island, and how much storage space your family will need. Don’t worry if you’re still drawing a blank, we discuss all of this in more detail below.

The golden triangle

You may or may not have heard of the golden triangle, aka the kitchen working triangle. This is an architectural design rule that’s been going strong since the 1940s, adopted by kitchen designers to make layouts more efficient. It involves the three main kitchen work areas, including the sink, refrigerator and oven, which should be arranged into a triangle with no obstruction in between. Each side of the kitchen triangle should measure between 4-9ft.

Nowadays, kitchen layouts are often adapted to accommodate more than one cook in the kitchen. In this scenario, it can be helpful to set up work zones that won’t create clashes, so always tailor your installation to your personal circumstances.

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

The practicalities of a kitchen island

If you’re lucky enough to have space to include a kitchen island, you should consider its position carefully. A kitchen island should not block your main working triangle or your access to the dishwasher. 

A kitchen island should not be placed so far away from other units that it becomes out of arm’s reach. However, do ensure there is ample space to easily pass by open cupboard doors, appliances, and each other.

Increase kitchen storage

When planning kitchen storage, most people allow the perimeter of the room to hem them into a limited run of base units. To increase kitchen storage space, fashion a full storage wall that will house a tall pantry or a useful broom closet.

If you have high ceilings, then don’t just stop at one row of wall cabinets. A double-banked wall unit aesthetic can be very elegant, particularly when executed with a row of glass-fronted units that store more decorative serving items.

Whether you’re making over a family home or revamping an investment property bought at auction, a well-designed kitchen layout adds functionality and value. Why not use our PAA auction directory to locate your next home makeover project?

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