Property Auction Action – FAQ’s

Can I place my house for auction with is the original and best property auction house portal. We are the leading platform for accessing the vast majority of the UK’s property auction houses. We do not deal directly with members of the public and only market auction properties on behalf of the UK’s leading auction houses.

What services are provided by

This website provides a wealth of information on UK Property Auctions. The site displays information on the majority of UK property auction houses including their next auction date, what region they specialise in, and links to the auction house website. You can also find Auction House contact information, listing addresses, email and telephone numbers in the auctioneer directory.

In addition to our comprehensive auction listings, you will also find articles, case studies and the latest news on everything you need to know about buying a property at auction, sourcing finance, improving your new home or developing an investment property.

How often is the site updated?

The next auction dates are updated once a week at the end of the week. The rest of the site is constantly updated by our editorial team.

Where do you get your information from?

Auction updates are provided directly from the auction houses themselves. News, articles and case studies are produced by our editorial team and partners.

How many property auction houses are there listed on the site?

There are around two hundred and forty property auction houses listed on the site at this time.

What sort of auctions do you list?

Are auction listings cover commercial property, residential property, and land auctions.

How can I request updates or new features for

We’re always happy to hear how you think we can improve. Feel free to email us at

About Auctions

What do I need to do to attend an auction?

Check out our Guide to buying property at auction.

Can I obtain auction brochures before the event?

Click on the link of your preferred auction house from the list on the homepage. Once on the auction house website navigate to the page displaying the lots for the next auction. Some auction houses have the auction brochure or catalogue as a link to a downloadable Adobe PDF document for which you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download. The auction house website and or online auction catalogue will list details of how to get in contact with them. Alternatively, most auction houses will send you a hard copy of the auction catalogue in the post if you supply your name and address. You may be able to apply online or telephone/email the auction house direct to request a copy. There may be a charge for obtaining a hard copy of the auction catalogue.

Who do I contact to view one of the auction properties?

The auction catalogue available from the auction house will provide all the information about viewing the property. This may be a scheduled viewing time facilitated by a third party such as a local estate agent.

What is the process to buy a property at auction?

Check out our Guide to buying property at auction.

How do I contact you?