George Clarke’s Flipping Fast

Many shows on TV will provide valuable inspiration on home design and advice on renovations. From long-running DIY SOS that covers houses that look like our friends’ places to Grand Designs that leave us all dreaming of luxury, there’s a whole spectrum of viewing material. Recently, George Clarke’s Flipping Fast has viewers tuning in week after week. Not only do viewers glean home renovation inspiration but they’re kept on the edge of their seats by what could possibly go wrong next! Overseeing six novice property development teams, competing to make the biggest profit within a year, presenter George Clarke and property expert siblings Scarlette and Stuart Douglas have witnessed some questionable decisions and disastrous pitfalls!

Renovation pitfalls

George Clarke’s Flipping Fast “contestants” have faced many challenges. One such challenge left a novice developer reeling when she discovered burst water pipes had ruined her finished property just before listing day. Another novice developer made a decision that left many viewers scratching their heads in confusion when she purchased a flat-pack kitchen before ever seeing the property.

Avoid renovation mistakes

With all of this dramatic material in the can, the show makes great entertainment, even if just to make us feel glad we’re not in the driver’s seat! If you are in the development game yourself though, or about to purchase a house to flip from a property auction, it could be wise to give this show your time. Learning all of the things that you shouldn’t do with your property could save heartache and high financial costs later. Far better to witness those mishaps on a TV series than to stumble upon them in the haste of trying to flip a house fast!

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