How to squeeze in a small home office space

Working from home can feel like a domestic hot-desking situation, shifting from room to room around the house. It can prove difficult to keep track of daily notes, important papers, charging cables, and forever-vanishing stationery. In an ideal world, we’d have a dedicated home office room but this isn’t always possible. Space is at a premium and there are many members of the household to consider. With that said, maybe you don’t need a whole room exactly… Here are a few of our favourite ideas for squeezing in a small home office space.

Reclaim lost square footage with an understairs workspace

The area under the stairs is often overlooked as usable space. It’s typically reduced to a place to stash shoes and coats or is disused altogether. But what at first glance seems like an awkward-shaped nook is actually an ideal spot in which to situate a desk and a few shelves. A slimline desk chair can tuck in tight when not in use, or be returned to an adjacent living room.

Create a cupboard cubicle

A spacious alcove beside a chimney breast can offer an ideal spot in which to create a concealed cupboard office cubicle. With the doors open, you’re instantly in business with access to a dedicated desk space and storage shelves above. When the working day is done, you don’t have to worry about tidying off your worktop like you would the dining table, simply close the doors and get on with your evening. Be sure to tuck electrical sockets and a lamp in there too.

Image by u_jup1hbno from Pixabay

Make a kitchen-home office combo

Solo working parents will see the advantages in combining the home office with the kitchen, with dinners to prepare around working overtime. However, this desk area shouldn’t be in the midst of the action where grease and spills can wreak havoc. This design works best in a separate nook against the wall, where shelves or a pegboard can be mounted for organisation. Employ the kitchen cabinets that are nearby to store larger office items.

Creating a permanent spot in which to work from home each day helps to separate your job from your home life. Even a mini home office can make a vast improvement to your state of mind and your life balance. If you’re considering a larger home that would accommodate a more luxurious home office space, check out listings from our PAA auction directory.

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