Make your front door beautiful again

Is your front door looking a little worn and neglected? Has it been left ravaged by harsh cold and wet winters combined with baking hot summer days?

Tired looking front door
Front door ravaged by the wind, rain, sun and frost

Our wooden front door has started to see the effects of a few cold and wet seasons, the bottom which takes the worse of the inclement weather has faded losing most of its sheen and now letting the rain and damp penetrate the surface. This in turn has caused black mildew to start creeping up. Now’s the time to take action before the onset of another winter does any more lasting damage.

First step, a good sanding to take off any old flakey and rough wood. Make sure you get right in any grooves or patterns in the door with a bit of folded sandpaper or steel wool. Once the worst of the surface contaminants have been taken off, use a specialised powerful cleaner/gel to remove the mildew and discolouration to bring the door back to its natural wood patina. Use a stiff bristle brush to work the gel vigorously into the wood making sure you get right into to any channels contained in the design of the door. The gel we used had to be left on the surface of the door for half an hour to work its magic before being cleaned off. This cleaner must be washed off completely and allowed to dry thoroughly before moving onto the next stage of the project. Do not use a pressure washer to clean the door down as they are very powerful and will make the wood too wet.

Once dry various options are open to you from painting, staining, using a clear oil or as we chose, to use a slightly tinted light red cedar oil. Picking a good dry day is important as our product takes 12 hours to dry so planning ahead is essential.

The front door after is has been sanded down

We rollered our product on with a wooly roller to give a nice smooth finish and used a brush to get into the channels that decorate the door.

The last thing to do was put the door furniture back on including the letter box and drip cap. Now the door is ready to give another 5 years service before it needs some more attention.

Fully oiled door and frame
Fully oiled door and frame.

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