Giles Sadler became interested in property development in the mid-noughties, which directly led to a keen interest in UK property auctions.

It soon became clear to Giles that there was no single website that listed auction information, and what little that existed always had a price tag.

He started Property Auction Action in 2006 as a one-stop-shop that was free to its visitors.

Today, Property Auction Action provides comprehensive information on all of the UK’s leading auction houses and up-and-coming property auction dates.

The site provides articles, case studies, and the latest news about buying a property at auction, sourcing finance, improving a new home, or developing an investment property.

The aim is to eventually become the Rightmove of the property auction world. We now have over 45,000 unique users per month.


Giles’ other company is Novagem, which he founded in 1989. The company started out by performing application support and development for companies using IBM mid-range computers.

Novagem was the first company to perform bidirectional computer text messaging from and to the AS/400 in the mid-nineties.

This technology allowed Novagem to develop EOM – an application that enabled automatic multiformat report distribution, remote monitoring and support of IBM and Microsoft Servers.

Novagem acquired blue-chip clients such as BP, McDonald’s, UBS, Electrolux, Husqvarna, Monsanto, Glaxo, Tyco, Pillsbury.


Giles has always been very interested in motorsport, investing as a shareholder in a Formula 1 driver in 2003. We’ll leave you guessing as to which one it was.

He also sponsored a GP250 rider, showing his true passion to keep motorcycle racing alive.

Giles loves winter hiking and often takes part in a Scottish national sport called ‘Munro bagging. A Munro is a Scottish name for a mountain over 3000 feet, and as you can imagine there are plenty in the highlands of Scotland where Giles spends his free time.


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