This site has been designed as an easy-to-use, comprehensive resource
for anyone with an interest in property auctons and buying and
developing property.

Using The Auction Information Table On The Home Page
The auction information table provides a comprehensive listing of
forthcoming property auctions in the U.K. Auctions are initially
displayed with the most recent auctions first but you can also sort the
table by Auction House Name, Location or Area by simply clicking the
appropriate column heading. Click the column again to reverse the
sequence. The slider bar on the right of the table can be used to move
the table up and down to view further entries. Auction houses that do
not have a currently published next auction date are displayed at the
bottom of the list with the date set to TBA (To Be Announced).

If you click on an individual auction house name a separate window will
open and display the external website for that auction house. Where
possible we have linked to the most relevant page so you can rapidly
access additional information about the auction and browse the catalogue
of properties for sale.

Using The TV Guide
The TV guide shows UK property television programmes with their start
and end times for the next seven days. The programmes are initially
displayed in alphabetical order of the TV channel. The slider bar on the
right of the table can be used to move the table up and down to view
other channels. The table can be changed by clicking the heading of a
particular column e.g. programme name. If you click the column heading
again the display sequence will be reversed.

You can click on either the channel or programme name and a separate
window will open displaying the associated external website.

You can also view a programme synopsis for the planned episode if you
use your mouse to hover over the start and end time.

Accessing and Using the Forum
The forum is a place where like minded property professionals and enthusiasts
can swap information and show off current, previous or proposed projects whether
they be commercial property or residential property schemes.

You can view the forum without having to register but in order to post any
replies or put up a new topic you will need to go through the registration
process. This is simple to do just follow the prompts and then respond to the email
which will be sent to you for confirmation.

Click on the subforum titles to view the topics and posts for each forum.
To view a picture that has been insterted into a post click on the picture
to reveal the full image.