Display the approximate distance as the crow flies between two locations in the UK

If you need to know the approximate distance in either miles or kilometres from A to B in the UK then you can use this tool to calculate it for you. The tool can be used to evaluate the approximate length of travel in a straight line between two places in the United Kingdom.

How To Use

To start the process type in the names of the start and finish places in the “from place” and “to place” input boxes. The place names will autocomplete and narrow down the results the more you type. The results will automatically be presented with the distance as calculated by the app once you have selected the "to place".

By Road Calculation

An estimate for the distance by road is also displayed along with the results which takes the distance as the crow flies and applies a multiplier in order to evaluate a very approximate figure. The “by road” figure is also shown in the units of miles or kilometers.

To start fill in the from and to place names below and the results will automatically be shown:
Enter from and to location information