How to bring more light into a room

Light rooms are high on the home buyer’s wish list but not all rooms are created equally when it comes to welcoming in natural sunlight. Lack of daylight can lead to a space feeling downright depressing and can even make a room feel smaller than it actually is. Short of turning on artificial lights and watching the electricity metre turn, how do you make a dull room appear brighter? The good news is that there are many improvements that you can make without flicking on a single switch, so you can make every room in the home a bright and welcoming place to be in.

Minimise window dressings

As tempting as it may be to install statement window dressings, in dark rooms these should be kept to a minimum. Heavy drapes can be swapped out for lighter fabrics or avoided altogether in favour of retractable blinds. If shutters were on your wishlist, consider wooden blinds with tapes instead. Not only are they cheaper, but their lack of frame allows in more light.

Light decor & reflective surfaces

Everybody knows that dark colours absorb light. However, you should also consider your paint finish to get the best in light-boosting qualities. Selecting paints with a satin finish will reflect much more light than matt paint. Accessorise rooms with decorative mirrors both large and small to maximise light-reflective effects.

In the kitchen there isn’t usually as much wall space on display, so be sure to opt for light units, glossy backsplashes, and polished floors. You don’t have to restrict yourself to an all-white or cream palette though, pale greys and light blues make a wonderfully light and airy aesthetic.

Image by Jean van der Meulen from Pixabay

Open plan living

If you find that you have a bright kitchen or dining room in the back of the house but a shaded lounge in the front, consider joining the two rooms to make one combined, lighter living space. A room that has windows in both the front and the back of the house will benefit from more hours of direct sunlight.

Whether you’re revamping a dark room to lighten up your own life or want to make a property more attractive to renters, try these tips to brighten your space. If you’re looking for a new project, why not browse our PAA property auction directory?

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