Low-cost bathroom updates

Make a statement bathroom backsplash

You spend a good deal of your time in the bathroom staring at the wall behind your sink, so why not give it a fresh overhaul with some statement tiles? Even cheap subway tiles can be arranged in a trendy herringbone pattern. If you have your eye on more costly mosaic tiles, consider introducing them as a border between inexpensive counterparts to make savings.

Vanity unit makeover

You don’t have to buy a new sink unit to change the look of your vanity area. Instead, consider painting your existing cabinet a new colour. You could also swap out your vanity countertop for a sleek new look, replacing it with a budget-friendly faux stone effect.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Replace your bathroom mirror

A wall mirror can make a dramatic change to a bathroom aesthetic. Replace plain, square vanity mirrors with on-trend round counterparts for an instant update. Alternatively, introduce some old-school glamour by swapping out a modern minimalist mirror for an ornately framed design.

Even replacing the towels and shower curtain can make an uplifting change to stale bathroom decor, injecting new colour that can be easily switched out with the season. If you’re searching for a larger home makeover project, be sure to take a look at our PAA property auction directory.

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