Make an amazing room makeover even more stunning with some beautiful artwork

If you have just spent a lot of your hard-earned time and money ripping out and making over a room in your property then you want to make sure you do the renovation justice by staging it in the most eye catching and aesthetically pleasing way that you can possibly achieve.

A lot of us spend a great deal of time planning the layout and design of our home refurbishment, then we wait for the planning process to complete and for the permits to be issued. After all the waiting around we then employ the contractors and sub-contractors and all the trades and architects who are involved in undertaking and completing our redevelopment projects. After all this time and effort we are so exhausted at the end of the construction process that sometimes we don’t give the same intensive amount of endeavour to the finished appearance of the room.

Making a room look the way that we want it to appear and creating the atmosphere and vibe that we desire is not just defined by the walls, floors and fixtures and fittings that were installed when being built but is also influenced heavily by the way that we dress the room with decorations and artwork when all the framing, drywalling, plastering and second fix is complete.

Many renovations in the modern age now are styled with a contemporary feel incorporating hard lines and large expanses of flat surfaces coloured with pastel shades or monochromatic schemes coupled with stunning yet simple furniture that can leave a room feeling a little cold. One of the ways to create warmth, calming influence or a statement is by adding a painting, whether this be an original or a print, either can achieve the desired effect.   Once the image is found, you can either hang as is in a glass frame but you can also decide if the image would create a greater impact if it was surrounded by a mount to allow a  plain area around to showcase the image.  Finally if you decide the image needs a frame, this can definitely sway the impact of the picture, using natural or painted wood, metal, plain or embossed are all options to consider.

We found this amazing artist and graphic designer called Mercedes Lopez Charro who offers some stunning artwork for sale on her website Mercedes Lopez Charro. The website allows you to search through by category and when you have selected one of her gorgeous works of art there are different size and framing options. The service we received from Mercedes was very personal and incredibly responsive, one we would thoroughly recommend.

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