Martin and Pole

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Wallis House, 27 Broad Street, Wokingam, England, RG40 1AU
0118 936 2827
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Martin and Pole

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Property Auctions: We are the most experienced Property Auctioneers and flew the flag for auctions when other firms publicly mocked in the local newspaper this method of selling - how times have changed! Martin & Pole specialise in the sale of individual property in the Reading and Wokingham areas. Our Clients benefit with individual brochures for each property rather than everything being bundled into a single auction catalogue.

Once again, all property is advertised on various websites so a different location or more offices is not relevant.

However Martin & Pole's Auction Department is located centrally in our busy Wokingham Office - this ensures the Residential and Commercial Agency Departments interact with the Auction Department which is not shut away in a secondary position.

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