Turn an unloved corner of your kitchen into a practical banquette bench seating and storage solution

Corner bench seat with storage project completed
Unloved and unused area of the kitchen
Unloved and unused area of the kitchen

Have you got a corner of your kitchen which is never used and just feels like a part of the room that has no purpose and is hard to furnish. May be you have tried to fill the space with different furnishing ideas over the years such as tub chairs or a small table and compact dining chairs. Or may be the space has just remained totally unloved and unusable.

Give your wall a touch of luxury with a board and batten panelling style makeover

Works completed installing board and batten wall panelling

The addition of some board and batten wood panelling structural relief to a feature wall can give a room the illusion of greater depth and height while also enhancing the richness of the room. One of the ways to achieve this is by adding a board and batten style cladding to the face of the wall, the amount of wall coverage is entirely a personal decision, you can cover the whole wall, halfway or as we have done, two thirds giving space to hang pictures etc. The ledge at the top (details of this will be described below) is just wide enough to stand a couple of picture frames on rather than affixing to the wall and from a viewpoint perspective, also gives a definite finish line to the cladding. The secret here is that we are only applying battens to the wall and not any boarding behind thereby giving the illusion of boards and battens while not actually applying any of the boarding. This makes the job simpler and easier to perform and also reduces the cost.