Roof Repair Case Study – Broken Roof Tile and Rotten Fascia

Completed works on soffit and fascia boards

Roof Repair – Broken roof tile leading to a rotten fascia and box end

One of the roof the tiles was cracked all the way down the center of the tile. The tile in question was fitted on the gable end of the house in the bottom row and had been notched out by the builders to fit around the brickwork. The cut had been made by an angle grinder and in making the cut it looks like the tile had been split in half but used anyway. This meant rainwater had been running down through the split and slowly rotting away the fascia (although on the gable end it would normally be a barge board this was horizontal from the return around the eves overhang so, therefore, a fascia), box end, and the end of one of the eves.