Channel: 4seven

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces - 14/07/24 07:00pm

Programme date and time: July Sunday 14th 2024 07:00pm to 08:00pm

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Series synopsis: Ever imagined turning a compact space into a livable environment that you could experience and enjoy? Well George Clark meets up with people that have not only imagined it but also turned it into a reality. George follows the creative folk who embark on their small space conversion from design to completion. On the way he also shows us other inspiring examples of tiny build projects aided by his friend and master carpenter Will Hardie. The pair also set about their own bijou projects during the series.

Episode description: A couple turn an army lorry and an old caravan into an off-roader. A man builds a luxury cabin on his family's farm. And George checks out a home that was once a skip. (S12 Ep4)