A hallway that shouts hello

One of the first rooms we enter in most properties in the hallway. The meet and greet space of any home can tell a lot about the property and the individuals who occupy it. I’m going to share with you some simple DIY tricks that will give the entrance to your home the ultimate welcoming no matter the size, shape, or layout.

It’s no secret that bright is best. So keeping the decor light and fresh will create a spacious and airy feel throughout your space. Paired with some cleverly designed space-saving shelves and shoe storage will help to reduce the appearance of clutter on the floor space with minimal effort. If your hallway boasts some of the properties slightly worn and scuffed original features, taking it back to basics can be enough to make them sparkle again.

A scuffed banister can be brought back to life simply by using some sandpaper. Remove any paint or varnish by rubbing the sandpaper in the direction of the grain. This can take some time and effort, but the end result will be worth it. Taking the wood back to its original texture enables you to give it a completely different look and feel. Any paint, varnish, or oil applied to clean wood will take much better than what it would if it was applied to wood that is already painted or treated with a different shade or color and will save you money in the long run. This technique is also great for a wooden staircase.

Flooring is also one of the first things we notice in a hallway so ensure you choose the correct one. Flooring should be hard-wearing yet still coincide with the decor. Either a durable carpet or laminate floor are the best options when renovating your hallway. If you are lucky enough to have an original wooden floor, don’t be afraid to hire a sanding machine and give your original flooring a new lease of life. You can do it by hand with sandpaper but this would take a lengthy amount of time.

 By removing internal doors helps to create a more open concept by allowing light to flow through the property. Hanging a large mirror also helps to reflect natural light and enhance a confined area. Having a lamp on a handcrafted entryway table creates a soft glow during the dark evenings which will ensure your hallway always has that warm and welcoming factor.


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