Why choose DIY furniture?

Why you should think about choosing DIY FURNITURE before changing furniture?

Over the years, the trends and styles of home furnishing have changed dramatically. We have seen it all, from the use of different textures and patterns to keeping it clean and minimalistic. One thing that hasn’t changed is the trend repeat. By this, I mean a specific style making a comeback after even many years in some cases.

The time of buying brand new furniture that is pristine and immaculate is beginning to fade and in its place is the era of a more rustic and rougher look. The desire for a more relaxed and rough and ready interior is on the rise and can be achieved in a number of different and simple ways.

One of the most common ways to achieve this look is with the use of wood. Instead of heading out and buying a brand new varnished wooden coffee table for your sitting room, why not take a trip to your local DIY store and instead purchase some wood, sandpaper, and a tin of varnish.

By making your own table, you can choose the size, color, and feel extra confident, even the shape. You can also make the legs out of any material you desire to coincide with the interior of the room. Some popular materials are copper, iron, aluminum, and brass. You can also select the oil or varnish that compliments your living space, or if you want to keep it really rustic, stick to the original color of the wood and just use a wood treatment to prevent any staining or watermarks. The added benefit of making your own coffee table enables you to make any amendments or improvements in the future. This can be anything from adding more wood to increase the size to changing the color to match the room if you ever renovate or move.

The great thing about creating a DIY coffee table is that you will own a piece of furniture that is 100% original and unique to you and your home. Your creation can be as neat or as rustic as you like and you can even make a “mistake” look like an original feature. Get creative and don’t be afraid if it’s not perfect. DIY is not always about a flawless look but creating a bespoke one-of-a-kind item that you can be proud of regardless of the imperfections.

So next time you think about buying that new coffee table, just think, can I do it myself?


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