How to create a restful bedroom

Whilst the vast majority of hours spent in our bedrooms are when we are fast asleep, there is still a strong desire to make our bedrooms into a place that is peaceful and alluring. In the case of home staging for a potential sale, it’s key to present the bedroom as an aspirational space in which buyers can see themselves feeling blissfully restful and joyfully rejuvenated. So whether you’re making over your own bedroom or flipping a house bought at property auction, we’ve got some top tips for elevating an average bedroom into a restful sanctuary.

Bring in natural influences

Earthy elements have a powerful impact on mood. This is why the boho decor style has taken a steady grip on the interiors world, with its host of rattan baskets, jute rugs, wicker pendant light shades, and linen curtains.

Even if you’re not one for the boho vibe, a healthy dose of indoor plants or even botanical prints will add a fresh uplift to the room.

Dress the bed

A fresh bed set can do wonders for a tired bedroom, but why not push the boundaries of bed-dressing a little further. Complement your preferred duvet cover with a contrasting bed throw, folded neatly across the foot of the bed. Accentuate a set of matching pillowcases with a selection of contrasting scatter pillows to achieve a sumptuous, layered effect.

Don’t forget to swap out sad, flattened pillows for new plump ones to perk up the ensemble. It will make a world of difference.

Photo by M&W Studios

Bedroom accessories

Whilst a bedroom should be a place of peace and restfulness, the right accessories will build an alluring look of luxury. Plain bedside tables will come to life under a small bud vase filled with delicate flowers or a fresh sprig of greenery. Bare walls crave artwork, and mirrors offer a light reflective quality that can greatly brighten the space.

With all of these improvements in place, you may want to spend more of your waking hours in the bedroom! If you’re looking for a new property makeover project, be sure to browse our PAA auction directory.

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