How to create curb appeal

Your property might look like a palace on the inside but does it have curb appeal? Flat-fronted, lack-lustre houses are often overlooked at best and are downright off-putting at worst. If you decide to sell or rent your property, then a plain facade could even affect the level of interest you will receive. Whether in an estate agent’s window or as a property auction listing, an unloved frontage tells buyers and renters alike that a property may not have been looked after well. But fear not, there are plenty of things you can do to give your place an effective facelift without calling out a builder.

Photo by Christian Stahl on Unsplash

Paint the front door an eye-catching colour

Whether you choose smart black paint for your front door, deep sapphire blue, or use a pop of red, a bold door colour will set a confident tone for the exterior of your property. A fresh coat of paint tells house guests, buyers, or renters that this property has received due care and attention and that the interior should reflect the same.

Upgrade your house number plaque

Not only will it help your postman and Amazon driver to locate you, but a smart and clear house number plaque sets a clean first impression. Illuminated house number plaques push the boat out a little further, giving your home bright distinction during the evening and on dark winter mornings.

Photo by Evelyn Paris on Unsplash

Frame your doorway with exterior wall lights and planters

If you have the space to create a symmetrical arrangement of exterior wall lights and planters on either side of your door, then choosing matching pairs will achieve a grand aesthetic. If space is a little tighter, align a single exterior wall light above an eye-catching planter to create a smart column of decoration.

If you have a larger budget to invest in your home exterior, then a new garage door, garden wall, or a shiny new gate can produce a startling improvement. But don’t forget the value in a simple tidy-up too, sweeping away leaves and debris, clearing gutters, and scrubbing down white PVC trims can make a world of difference.

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