Why open plan home interiors are in demand

Open plan home interiors are in demand in today’s housing market. Many young families are choosing free-flowing layouts over separated rooms in order to maximise their available living space. Open concept living is seen to bring families together and to make a more sociable space for entertaining. Homeowners are knocking down walls to reinvent their traditional interiors, and property investors are choosing houses with the potential to do so at property auctions.

Open living spaces that link to the garden

Open plan living spaces are often linked to the garden via large patio doors that have a seemless low threshold to encourage an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. In the UK, this indoor-outdoor connection expands recreational space during the warmer summer months and offers a fuller influx of natural light during the darker wintertime.

Photo by Mike Gattorna on Unsplash

Cooking up a storm together

The kitchen is a magnet before mealtimes, creating overcrowdedness between four small walls. At clean-up, the kitchen enforces periods of isolation, whilst the rest of the family engages in other after-dinner tasks. With an open plan living space, the family can cook up a storm together and everybody sticks around for clean-up.

Open concept living spaces make way for central kitchen islands where prep can take place on all sides. An open view of the lounge maintains precious family interaction, and parents can safely keep an eye on young children.

Photo by Any Lane

Everywhere is the heart of the home

With an open plan home, rest and relaxation become quality family time. These strengthened bonds make us happier and healthier overall. Even if family members are engaged in their own tasks, the open flow promotes opportunities for interaction and making memories.

Make way for social gatherings and seasonal parties

Whether it’s a Christmas extravaganza, a haunted house for Halloween, or a celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee, an open plan living space is a sociable setup. Whip up party food, top up the table, chat on the sofa, and spill into the garden, all without missing a single syllable of conversation.

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