Living room decor tips

The living room is a place where we entertain our guests and the space in which we spend most of our waking time at home. It’s also typically the first room that a potential buyer or renter will walk into and gain their first impression of the property, so it’s important that this room conveys quality and a style befitting of the entire home. After you’ve chosen your wall paint colour as a jumping-off point, what comes next? Should you choose a huge sofa that you can sink down into for movie night or a neat love seat that leaves more room for accessories? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Create a focal wall

Traditionally, a fireplace was the main focal point of a living room, though nowadays the wall-mounted TV has taken over. TVs aren’t always the prettiest thing to look at but they can be made more attractive with an underlining linear media unit and a frame of backlit display cabinets. 

Textured focal walls are a trend that has taken the interiors world by storm too. From wood-slatted feature panels to rugged stone statement walls, texture brings a living room to life under atmospheric perimeter lighting.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Choose the right-sized living room furniture

Just like Goldilocks, it can take trial and error before settling on a piece of furniture that feels just right. A sofa that is too big will overwhelm your space and make it appear uncomfortably cramped. If the couch is too small, it appears underwhelming and you’ll end up adding a surplus of accent chairs and tables to fill in the gaps. 

The key is to find furniture that is a natural fit for the room, with cosy proportions that don’t look lost in the layout. As a general guide, a sofa should measure around two-thirds of the length of your living room, and armchairs should leave enough room to comfortably manoeuvre around them.

Not a match made in heaven

As easy as it may be to buy up every piece from a single furniture range at the store, this does not create a match made in heaven. Samey furniture pieces appear monotonous and stale. With every piece offering the same detailing, there is nothing to amuse the eye or excite the mind.

Instead, opt for a variety of pieces with complementary tones or colourful contrasts. Not everything has to be of the same style or even from the same era. Eclectic living spaces are friendly and approachable and exude interesting personality.

With the large pieces in place, you can go to town with artwork, decorative wall shelves, and a plethora of indoor plants to breathe in colour and life. If you’re looking for a new property project, be sure to browse our PAA auction directory.

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