Planning a garage conversion

Converting a little-used garage into a fully-functioning room of the home is not only more useful but much more affordable than planning a whole new extension. Extending your home outwards also means a loss of garden space, which is particularly undesirable on a small plot. Garage conversions can add up to 20% value to your home, so whether this is a long-standing family home or an investment bought at property auction, this is a project worth considering for future sale potential too.

Weighing up the costs of a garage conversion

Costs are relative to the size of your project, whether there are utilities in place, and your exact specifications. However, costs will typically be much lower than those of a new extension, ranging from 8-14K for an integral garage conversion. The foundations are already laid and the walls are standing–assuming all are stable. A garage conversion is less prone to planning complications than a new extension too, which should make less of a dent in contingency funds.

The cost of time is also a major factor in conversions and extensions, so remember that you could see the results of a garage conversion project in as little as just a few weeks.

Photo by Jonas Jaeken on Unsplash

Is the garage viable for conversion?

Depending on the condition of your garage, it can be a more cost-effective route to knock it down and start afresh. With that said, even if your walls are sound, they will usually be just single-course brickwork, which doesn’t meet building regulations. Internal stud walls will be built inside your garage and insulation installed, costing around £750 per stud wall.

You will almost certainly need a new water-tight roof too, which should allow a ceiling height of approx 2.2m to 2.4m after the floor clears 15cm above external ground level.

The fun part

Deciding how to use your new garage conversion is the fun bit, whether is a “grown-ups only” lounge to get some peace from the kids, a playroom to get them out from under your feet, or a home gym in which to work off some steam, the possibilities are great.

If you have a double garage, consider converting just half the space so that you can continue to benefit from a covered parking space too. Why not use our PAA auction directory to find your next property project?

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