Summer Spotlight: Upcoming UK Property Auctions You Can’t Miss

Interest in the UK property market will remain high in the summer as several large property auctions will take place. Whether one is interested in property investment, is a new homeowner, or simply has a general interest in the property market, these auctions offer a plethora. Below, we take a closer look at the standout auctions planned for this summer, exploring what sets them apart and why you should get involved.

Allsop Auctions

Dates: 19-20 June 2024 and 30-31 July 2024.

Allsop has been established as the largest property auctioneer in the United Kingdom which deals with all sorts of residential as well as mixed used properties. Allsop has also been scheduled for this summer to conduct several live-streamed auctions that are expected to list a vast variety of properties.

June Auction Highlights:

  • Leasehold Unbroken Block of Flats in London E17: It has a guide price of £2. 9M+. This is one of the key offerings of the June auction.
  • Freehold Detached Grade II Listed House in Cirencester: This family house is available at £2M+, and it is accompanied by land and gardens; the property has great potential for both heritage and further evolution​ (Allsop)​.

July Auction Highlights:

The same is true for the July auction, where high-value assets, including student accommodation blocks and detached family homes, are sold in the UK. Another interesting feature of Allsop’s auctions is its extensive catalog, which is available online and live streaming for better accessibility of bidders. The company’s complete transparency and efficiency in terms of transactions make it even more attractive to both buyers and sellers.

BidX1 Auctions

Dates: June 26-27, July 24-25, and August 22, 2024.

BidX1 is another of the big players in the UK property auction market, and it operates an innovative online auction service. A few auctions are being organized by BidX1 this summer with the primary interest being on the residential & commercial properties in London & Surrey.

June Auction Highlights:

Residential Properties: The June auction features a variety of residential properties, ranging from family homes to investment apartments.

Commercial Spaces: BidX1 also offers commercial properties, providing opportunities for business owners and investors looking to expand their portfolios​ (Digital Property Marketplace | BidX1)​.

July and August Auctions:

These auctions will continue to showcase a diverse range of properties, particularly in prime locations in London, offering significant investment potential.

BidX1’s digital platform stands out for its user-friendly interface, detailed property listings, and comprehensive virtual tours, which help bidders make informed decisions.

Knight Frank Auctions

Knight Frank is associated with class and premier properties and so its auctions are bound to be the same. Knight Frank has planned several auctions this summer through which companies are going to offer a wide range of properties.

Property Types:

  • Rural Properties and Country Houses: These auctions will include stunning rural retreats and grand country houses, perfect for those looking to escape city life.
  • Townhouses and Family Homes: Knight Frank offers a range of townhouses and family homes, catering to buyers looking for upscale residential properties in desirable locations.
  • Apartments: For investors and city dwellers, the auctions will feature a selection of high-end apartments across the UK

Knight Frank auctions have been highly successful due to their professionalism, seriousness and vast experience in the market. The commitment to the clients’ satisfaction and the company’s ability to deliver outstanding results turn any auction into a not-to-be-missed event.

Why Participate in Property Auctions?

  • Speed and Certainty: One critical advantage of purchasing real estate through an auction is its efficiency. Contracts are signed at the auction, and completion takes place about four weeks after the date of the auction. This provides certainty, and there is less likelihood that some of the deals will fail to go through.
  • Transparency: The buyer is involved in a clear buying process, with all bidding procedures conducted in front of everyone. This assists in eliminating biased competition and makes the buyers feel comfortable that they are paying like-to-market prices.
  • Opportunity to Secure Bargains: Auctions can, at times, put up properties that are cheaper than the market price, especially if the seller needs to sell quickly. This may open up good prospects for investors or buyers who would like to make a good bargain.
  • Diverse Property Selection: Auctions cover all property types ranging from single residences, shops, offices, land, and development sites. This makes it easier for buyers to identify properties that serve their requirements as well as investment plans.
  • Professional Guidance: Several auctioneers, such as Allsop, BidX1, and Knight Frank, offer various services related to the auctioning process. With detailed property listings and virtual tours of properties, among other things, participants are well-prepared with professional advice and other insights to make sound decisions.

Preparing for an Auction

  • Research: For the properties that you want to invest in ensure that you do your homework well. Auction catalog should be read and the properties should be personally inspected if possible to determine fair market value and development potential of the property.
  • Finance: Check your financial books before the auction process begins. This requires seeking mortgage approval or budgeting for cash to purchase the property. It is also important to note that a 10% deposit of the bid is usually expected to be paid right after the bid.
  • Legal Advice: Seek a legal opinion regarding the auction, its terms and conditions, and the legal pack of the properties. This will help you identify the existing problems and prepare for the purchase completely.
  • Set a Budget: Discuss and determine your financial limits beforehand and then adhere to them. Auctions may be full of competition, and people can get a little bit emotional at the time of bidding. Knowing your limits keeps you from paying too much.
  • Register to Bid: It is also important to note that registering for the auction should be done before the actual auction takes place. Every auction house will have procedures and policies on how participants have to register for an auction, and these will include policies on identity and source of funds.
  • Seek business coaching for entrepreneurs: Business coaching is advisable for business people who would like to venture into the property investment business. Consulting an expert will assist you in adapting ways to benefit your business through property investment without compromising the primary objectives.


This summer’s property auctions in the UK present a wealth of opportunities for buyers and investors. With major auction houses like Allsop, BidX1, and Knight Frank hosting events, there’s a diverse range of properties available, catering to various tastes and investment strategies. Whether you’re looking for a high-value investment, a new family home, or a unique rural property, these auctions are not to be missed. Make sure to do your research, prepare thoroughly, and participate confidently to take advantage of the opportunities on offer.

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