Garden project – Seeding the lawn

Completed garden renovation

With all the structural and hard landscaping complete with our garden project it is now time to tackle the lawn and turn it from a patch of brown mud into a lush green lawn.

Refurbishment Case Study – Ensuite makeover, creating a Wet Room

Finished wetroom viewed from WC

Project details

  • Developer – Managed project
  • Property detail – Residential
  • Project detail – Conversion of En-Suite into a Wet Room
  • Location – Hertfordshire
  • Duration – 6 Weeks


Here are the details for a wetroom we have just completed. The old ensuite was in need of a makeover. The shower cubicle was falling apart and there was water ingress between the tile and the dry lining causing mold issues. The thermostatic shower valve had started to give up the ghost and the shower head had split both because of calcium build-up and corrosion.