Dressing the garden

View of finished garden makeover

We are now at the stage in our garden renovation of adding plants and garden accessories to pull together all the elements – the fun bit!

Add garden lights to your patio

Testing the new decorative patio lights

With the patio construction pretty much complete and now laid in the 3 major zones around the perimeter of the house (garage, kitchen/dining room, side return) it’s now time to start building the periphery parts of the hard landscaping.

Enhance your property by laying a new patio – part #3

Chanel drain P-Trap connected to main soakaway 110mm drainage pipe

Round by the garage and the back door of the property the wall of the garage is built into the bank of the house next door. The gravel boards of the boundary fence also act as a retaining wall holding the earth back. Rainwater runoff from higher up the road runs into the patio area of the house and makes the external walls wet when it rains hard. There is a Damp Proof Course (DPC) that prevents water from penetrating internally.