The advantages of artificial grass

Not everyone has the time to mow their lawns–and not everybody wants to! We’ve all seen artificial turf popping up around town, either in situ or in shops, but aside from being an antidote for time and energy constraints, what else does an artificial lawn have going for it? Some might be put off by this plastic imposter that gives off no deliciously fresh-cut grass aroma, or by the price tag that rises for thicker and more luxurious options. However, there are also a great number of positives presented by a faux lawn, so let’s take a look.

No more muddy footprints and paw prints

Life with young children and pets can mean that mud is tracked in from real lawns on wet days. This is no longer a problem after installing artificial grass, so kids and pets can play to their heart’s content all year round, come rain, hail, or snow. An artificial lawn holds its lush appearance no matter what the weather too, so you won’t experience wilting or yellowing either.

Image by Peggychoucair from Pixabay

Reduce your household bills

Everybody is concerned about the rising costs of monthly bills. With an artificial lawn, you no longer have to run a sprinkler or hose to keep your lawn looking green and healthy through the hot summertime. Artificial grass needs a deep wash-down only twice a year to keep everything clean and shiny, so there’s no need to fear the water metre anymore.

Ideal gardens for rental properties

Rental property owners can discover a real lawn has gotten out of hand with neglectful tenants, which causes a drain on resources. Seeding, fertilising, weeding and mowing are a continual grind unless you resort to a grey overlay of cold concrete. But these issues can be overcome with an artificial lawn, and they look pretty inviting to prospective tenants too.

An artificial lawn is also ideal for shaded areas and allergy suffers due to its zero pollen count. You can even find imaginative uses for artificial grass, such as faux green roofs or contoured play areas. Find more ideas for property improvements in our PAA blogs, or see our auction directory to discover your next property investment opportunity.

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