How to prepare a house for rental

Whether you’ve decided to let your old family home or have just invested in a rental opportunity at a property auction, you’ll need to prepare that property to entice and properly accommodate your new renters. First impressions count, so make sure that you have everything in place before presenting your property. Once a potential renter has decided that your place isn’t fit for them, you won’t get the opportunity for a do-over. Read on to discover common issues that successful residential landlords address before setting up viewings.

Depersonalise decor

If you are preparing a home that you once inhabited, it’s best to remove that patterned wallpaper that you love or the feature wall that you painted in your favourite colour. Light neutral walls may not be as unique but they will appeal to a wider cross-section of people, and make it easier to spot damages when doing the inventory. Washable wallpaper and wall paint are also a wise decision, making the clean-up job after each renter a much simpler task.

Image by Julio César Velásquez Mejía from Pixabay

Deep clean your interior

Deep cleaning a property is all part of being a rental property owner, whether you do it yourself or hire a contract cleaning company. If doing it yourself, then invest in cleaning tools to make the job easier, such as a steam cleaner that can take care of floors, curtains, and even bathroom mould. Setting a high standard is always a good idea since the tenant will be agreeing to keep the property in the same order.

Appliances and plumbing

New appliances attract new tenants. However, if you’re not replacing the appliances in your property, they should be checked by a professional. Service the boiler to ensure that there’s no interruption to heating or hot water. Make sure that taps don’t leak, drains empty quickly, and that all fixtures are safe for use.

Looking at the bigger picture, window and door repairs should be made and outdoor areas should be cleared before the tenant moves in. You’ll also need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), landlords insurance, and don’t forget to get extra keys cut too.

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