Does a downstairs bathroom add value to your property?

After purchasing a house at property auction, you might be looking at how to add value before a quick resale. Likewise, you may be wondering which additions will add value to a family home for a potential sale in years to come. You’re already in a strong position if the main bathroom is located upstairs but you might be wondering whether an understairs cupboard, a large pantry, or an oversized utility room might be a good place to put a powder room. So, does a downstairs bathroom add value to your property? Let’s discuss.

A downstairs bathroom can add up to 5% value

Whether you are planning to flip your property fast or just simply increase its value for the long haul, it’s always easiest to look at the smaller projects first. As the smallest room in the house, a cloakroom packs a decent punch in increasing resale value. On average, a downstairs bathroom can add up to 5% value to your home.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

The benefits of a downstairs bathroom

One of the best things about a downstairs addition is that it usually doesn’t require an extension or the demolition of walls. If you’re planning on staying in your property for any length of time, you’ll also enjoy the wonderful convenience a downstairs bathroom offers. It’s great for young children who can’t make it to the bathroom in time and for less mobile family members too. When guests call around, you don’t have to worry about upstairs being a mess if nature calls.

Ensuite bathrooms vs downstairs bathrooms

When property owners think of adding an extra bathroom, an ensuite is often the first that springs to mind. However, the downstairs bathroom offers far more when measured by the number of people it benefits in the home and the amount of use it gets overall.

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