Property Owners’ Spring Cleaning & Maintenance Plan for 2023

Spring is here and it’s time for a good cleaning! Thorough cleaning is crucial for property maintenance to keep everything in pristine condition and make sure that you won’t have to waste money on recurring maintenance issues.

If you deep-clean your property frequently, you won’t have to worry about renovations and repainting. Therefore, it’s best to conduct a thorough cleaning plan that works for you and your home. A well-maintained home value is higher than others, so if you own a rental or might eventually sell your home, it’s best to be safe. Not only that, but you should also try to stay in tidy and comfortable environments for your health and well-being.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

You can only clean up well if you have the right cleaning supplies. Spring cleaning means deep cleaning, and therefore, you are going to need the most efficient cleaning tools that you can get your hands on.

It’s best to try and use green cleaning supplies that have minimal toxins and mostly use organic and safe ingredients for your health. When you clean every inch of your property with a certain tool, you have to make sure it’s not poisonous and that you are absolutely safe.

You will need supplies to clean glass, get rid of dust, and clean up vents, heaters, refrigerator, etc. as well as vacuum and garbage bags. You will need a mop, several sponges, baking soda, and rubber gloves to protect your skin.


Your kitchen must be as clean as possible at all times. So when you get started with spring cleaning, it’s best to make sure that every corner of your kitchen is cleaned, because you might not get a chance to clean thoroughly for a long time.

You need to keep your food and cooking supplies clean and in a healthy environment. It’s essential for your well-being that you don’t consume bacteria. You will wash your dishes and sweep the floor every day, but how often do you clean behind your refrigerator? Don’t forget to clean out your oven either.


When you are caring for your property maintenance you must not forget that if you don’t clean your bathroom well some germs are going to cause a lot of harm. The bathroom is where most of the germs end up, so a thorough cleaning is just what it needs.

You need to make sure that every tile is clean and that they are not being chipped off. When there is too much steam, white sinks, and toilets can start turning yellow. You need to take a note of the washing machine and the dryer as well. There could be a lot of dust gathered behind them.

You should clean your showerheads, washbasins, and faucet so you know you are getting clean water every time. It goes without saying that you need to clean the toilet and mop the floor.


Breathing clean air while you sleep should be a priority. Dusty and dirty air causes sleeping problems and insomnia. You need to care for your health first and foremost. Therefore, it’s important to remember that your bedroom should stay in a neat condition. the floor needs to be mopped well, you should clean the chandelier if you have one in your bedroom, and of course, you should flip the mattress.

If you keep all of your clothes in your bedroom, you can also use the time you have cut out for spring cleaning to declutter your closet. Pick out the clothes that you don’t wear anymore and put them in a bag to donate to the less fortunate.

Living Room

The living room is where every member of the family gets together and spends a lot of time. This is where you invite your guests to enjoy some tea or coffee. Therefore, you should avoid stains on the couch, dust on the floor and in rugs, dust on the shelves, and stained TV screens.

You can start by washing pillows, blankets, and cleaning the couch. Every family member and most guests sit on your sofa and leave bacteria that they brought from public spaces like the metro.

The rugs collect a lot of dust, especially if you have pets. You can clean your rugs by vacuuming or taking them to professionals. You should also think about mopping, vacuuming, and deep-cleaning the flooring. Your TV set will also need to be cleaned. If the TV sounds a little rough, the speakers might have caught some dust in them, the TV screen might also need to be polished.

You should not forget to clean the vents as they carry the air around. If your air conditioner holds a lot of dust, it could cause an unpleasant smell in your house.

Final Thoughts

These Chicago property managers claim that as a property investor, it is your duty to carefully clean every area of your home, especially if you only go to such measures once a year. While homeowners can preserve their health, property managers can increase a property’s worth by keeping it clean.

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